3. Stoked to have this @mikepike teacup liner from @workhorseirons as the newest member of my A team. #mikepike #tattoomachine #workhorseirons #teacup #liner #tattooer

  6. That’s #roadtiger on the left, surveying the spoils of my trip. There’s never enough time to see everyone I love, or enough time to spend with the ones I get to see, but I couldn’t feel more full of love, and pride in having made two homes for myself thousands of miles apart. Pictured: Blue Funk record from @laborss, Minnie and Mickey handkerchief and girl on a corn cob card from @knotandsplice, kewpie from @ipipl, and photographic evidence of how much fun I had at the wedding reception of @madamradams and @unchartedbooks, featuring cameos by @butterstinker and @porkbellies. THANK YOU FRIENDS for the amazing week!!

  9. Big Lebowski tattoo! Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  10. Blackwork flowers, adapted from flash by Shamus Mahannah - tattoo by Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  11. Strawberry ice cream soda! Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  12. Blastover billiken by Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com. Billikens bring good luck, and are known as “The god of things as they ought to be.” 

  13. #roadtiger and his travel buddies chillin’ on my carry-on. See you tonight Chicago! @herschelsupply #travelingtattooer #octopushotdog #kewpiebanana (at John Wayne Airport (SNA))

  14. Prepping for my Chicago visit next week! I tend to book up from my wait list before I have the chance to post about my trips here, so if you are interested in booking with me in Chicago, the best way to stay updated is to email me at evie@showpigeon.com so I can put you on my list. You can also email me for appointments in Laguna Beach, where I am now taking bookings for April. Thank you for your interest in my work! I am grateful to be busy and challenged with great clients and great projects!