1. Mouse with balloons for SamORama! by Evie Yapelli - showpigeon.com

  2. Reminder: By the end of this week, prints of my Food in Underthings and Lady Headed Birds will be retired! Get ‘em while you still can at society6.com/showpigeon!

  4. I’ve decided to retire my older work in the Show Pigeon store, including my Lady Headed Birds series and my Food in Underthings series. They’ll be available for about a week more, so now’s the time to get ‘em before they’re gone! society6.com/showpigeon

  5. Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  6. Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  7. I got to do part 2 of Sam’s cute sleeve today!

  8. I just finished this tribute to Christopher’s grandmother, a classy lady who loved gardening lavender roses.

  9. Stephen liked my painting so much he had me put it on his arm! This was so much fun!

  10. Monkey bellied matroyshka for Windy!

  11. I got to do this super fun Buddy Lee on Zech! It’s even funnier because Zech totally has this outfit.

  12. I finished Casey’s memorial tattoo tonight.

  13. New stuff in the Show Pigeon Store, like this phone case, available for different iPhone models and also for the Samsung Galaxy S4!

  15. Did this fun engraving style tattoo yesterday, indicating Rachel’s blood type and her wishes to be an organ donor.