1. vintage ad...
    + vintage photo...
    + awesome reference book...
    = inspiration for my latest painting!

    I’m always collecting images for reference and inspiration. Here’s a breakdown of what inspired my latest painting, Kewpie Beach. (you can see more of what inspires me on my pinterest)

  2. Kewpie Beach! Evie Yapelli - showpigeon.com

  3. Ice cream beach on Krysta!! In progress. :)

  6. I want those shoes.

  7. Scamp swimsuit ad, 1953

  9. Umbrella racing? 

    (Source: galakospeculoos, via benaltrecose)

  10. sannanystrom:

    Beach Fashions, 1923

    It’s hard for me to resist a photo of 1920s beach ladies. Plus, check out the shoes on the far right.

  11. How to swim and dive.

  12. locpix:

    Bath suit fashion parade. 1918.

    (via benaltrecose)

  14. kentnihilisti:

    The Jersey Shore circa 1905. “Atlantic City, on the beach.” Surf, sand and Steeplechase Pier in the distance.