3. #thriftscore I found this wee kewpie at the Long Beach Flea Market today. I would love to turn him into a tattoo! Interested parties please email evie@showpigeon.com 👶 #tattooproposal #kewpie #giraffe #evieyapelli #showpigeon #cute #cutetattoo (at Long Beach Antique Flea Market)

  7. Sailor Jerry California cub, tattooed by Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  9. Kewpie cupid! Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  10. Sleepy moon, from one of my original paintings. Evie Yapelli - showpigeon.com

  11. vintage ad...
    + vintage photo...
    + awesome reference book...
    = inspiration for my latest painting!

    I’m always collecting images for reference and inspiration. Here’s a breakdown of what inspired my latest painting, Kewpie Beach. (you can see more of what inspires me on my pinterest)

  12. Kewpie Beach! Evie Yapelli - showpigeon.com

  13. Matroyshka tattoo - Evie Yapelli, showpigeon.com

  14. New tattoo flash! Evie Yapelli - showpigeon.com

  15. Mouse with balloons for SamORama! by Evie Yapelli - showpigeon.com